Layers of Life

Artist Alley InviteThis coming Friday, October 2, I will be sharing the spotlight with my friend Kathy Miller at Artist Alley in Southern Pines. Kathy and I are the featured artists for the month of October. The month long highlighted display of our work will be celebrated at the monthly First Friday Gallery opening from 5 to 9pm.

"Wisdom" - The Strata CollectionOn most First Friday events, I’m just one of the folks hanging around. Helping customers if I need to, but never playing any real specific role. This Friday, with the companionship of Kathy, I am the headlining act. Oh dear! I had to kick it up a notch for the occasion. The result is the debut of my new series collection called “Strata.”

I’ve been dabbling with this technique for over a year. Trying to figure out how to make all the layers work and gradually increasing the size from ATC (player card size) to the largest at 14″ x 18.”

In the study of geology, “strata” refers to sedimentary soil and rock deposited in parallel layers one upon another. During the stratification process, objects become trapped between layers of sediment. Over time, these trapped objects can form into fossils. The story of our Earth is literally written on the strata of its rocks.

"The Leaf" - The Strata CollectionAs in geology, The Strata Collection is created by layering various fibers, textural elements, and color. On close examination, hints of the embedded objects peak through the layers.

As I pass through this next creative milestone on Friday, I can’t help but accept another layer of my life. The meaning of this new collection falls deep for me. It culminates the desire to express my pure originality. I get it with these pieces. I see influences of a life long journey. I can see ways to pull things together like I’ve never done before. I can also see potential with future works to incorporate other elements to the layers.

Within the layers, I can also see the journey I’ve been on. I see my life, my family, my friends and my future. The layers of my life are complex, yet intertwined.

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  1. Caroline Henley says:

    I absolutely love a piece of your work , Gulf Sore II, I was so lucky to discover at a friends house. I am trying to find out more about this Strata Series and would love to see more pieces and know if there are anymore for sale. Wonderful work, Beautiful Art!

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