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Definitely worth the effort

Have you noticed that snail mail isn’t very interesting anymore. I have a long driveway and some days after walking to the mailbox I’m so disappointed to find only a single postcard suggesting I replace my windows. Was it really worth the effort? I truly have better things to do, right? The winning days are when the mail carrier has left your favorite magazine.

This week I found the Oct/Nov 2019 issue of Quilting Arts magazine in my mailbox. That’s normally a good day by itself. However, this was an extra special win. Flipping through the magazine…there on page 46 is my name. Then flipping some more, on page 49, is a picture of me standing next to Susan Brubaker Knapp. That’s a big enough score to warrant a happy dance over.

Whee!! I’m so excited and honored to be part of the Quilting Arts legacy. This is my 3rd published article with them. I’m also very happy that, at least one day this week, my trip to the mailbox was definitely worth the effort.


Creative Journey

I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’m curious what sorts of things you’re interested in. I’ve been researching ways to give you more information about what I do. I believe if you want to be creative you can be. I have so many ideas to share with you but I’m only one me and there are so many people like you. I can’t nearly share myself the way I’d like to.

One way I’ve shared my ideas with you this year is through the 2 articles I wrote for Quilting Arts Magazine. The first one was published in Dec2017/Jan2018 edition and the second is currently on the newsstand Feb/Mar2018. Did you miss it? If you did, I have copies available in my Etsy Store and I’ll sign them, if you want (continue reading to receive a special offer).

Another way that I want to share with you is through classes and workshops. I have a number of things I’m working on that will make it easier for you to find out about when and where you can take a class or workshop from me. I’ll have more to tell you soon.

People also ask me frequently where they can see my art. I am preparing for a couple exhibits this year, so there may be an opportunity for you to see my work in person. I’ll be sharing details soon, because I’d love for you to see it.

With so many things to share and so different ways to keep in touch, I wanted to give you a list of how you can hear from me:

  • Sign-up for my email NewZ-letter
    (In the NewZ-letter, I will regularly share details of all events and opportunities)
  • Follow me on Facebook
    (Here’s where can get the most up-to-date comprehensive info on my classes/workshops, exhibits and other events/opportunities.)
  • Find me on Etsy
    (Here you’ll find items I want share with you. Check in often, because I’ll will add regularly add new things from new or gently used art supplies to artwork created by me.)
  • Subscribe to my blog
    (Did you know I write a new blog post every week? By subscribing you’ll receive them in your inbox. Through posts like this I share news, tips and insight to the challenges/joys of living a creative life).

With all these options, I hope you find one that works well you. I like knowing you’re there and following my creative journey. I hope I provide you with inspiration to live your own creative life. As a thank you for sticking with me, please accept a token of my appreciation:

  • Shop my Etsy store between now and March 15, 2018 and receive a 20% discount on all purchases — To receive the discount, enter coupon code  QUILTART20  during checkout.

Thanks for being there and enjoy your creative journey!


Here with me

How’s your January going? Between weather events and facing some difficult challenges, I’m happy to say goodbye to January.  Goodbye and good riddance.  I’m ready to start over and begin some new adventures.

I’m optimistic that February is going to be good, because that’s when the Feb/Mar 2018 edition of Quilting Arts Magazine hits the newsstand. Since I subscribe, I’ve already received my copy and perched on page 82 is another article written by me! I’m so very excited!

I’ve known about this for a little while. Over the summer, I wrote this article and the one in last month’s edition. I use to work for a publishing company and they always advised us not to talk about an upcoming publication. You just never know …. until you’re in print, anything could happen to stop publication.

I submitted both proposals early last year and waited several months before I heard anything from the editor. I was so overwhelmed and honored when editorial director, Vivika Hansen DeNegre, sent me 2 congratulatory notifications on the same day. Both articles were accepted! I completed both by the end of September. I also prepared samples to show my process and sent them off to be photograph. Yes, I was busy those few months, but I couldn’t let you know. Now it seems like so long ago and seeing them in print is surreal.

I’m excited that I can finally tell you about it and hope you get a chance to read the articles. I still have copies of the Dec/Jan edition in my Etsy store and I will be adding copies of the Feb/March edition very soon (I’ll even autograph them if you like). These publications, along with some other changes I’ve made in my life, mark the start of a new direction for me.  I’m looking forward to this  journey and I’m glad to know you’re here with me.


I’ve been published!

Quilting Arts Magazine
Cover Artist
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