A Life Filled With…(dreams)

For months now, I’ve been hinting at a big secret that I wanted to share with you. Today is the day you get the news. I am officially published in a National quilting magazine, Better Homes and Gardens Spring 2011 Quilts and More. Yeah! Seems like ages ago that I submitted my pattern for the flower topped pincushion. I work in the publishing biz, so I know things take time. I really wanted to share the news with everyone, but in the biz its not really real until its on the shelf.

Its on the shelf now! So, go check it out at your local magazine rack. My “Early Bloomers” pin keeper will be happily waiting to see you on pages 26-29. Along with my pincushion, there are some great patterns. I adore the owl quilt and hamburger pincushion is pretty darn fun.

I’ve been making pincushions for several years. The basic shape was simple, but the toppers just weren’t working for me. You’ll find several renditions if you look back through the pages of this blog. In an attempt to streamline my sewing process, I developed a unique zinnia flower design. The pincushion was so easy to make I decided it was a good project to pattern and kit. Thanks to the folks at Better Homes and Garden Quilts and More magazine, the pattern is available in their Spring 2011 publication. Thanks to my Etsy shop you can purchase the kit to make one in any of the three pictured colors.

This is exciting for me for a couple of reasons. Not that I haven’t been published before, but you may have missed the handful of articles I wrote for now-defunct e-magazine titled Fibre and Stitch. And I’m sure its unlikely you saw the 1995 publication of my graduate research in Wilson Bulletin (a scientific ornithological journal). This publication is different because it is a widely distributed National magazine and one that I love to read.

The other reason it excites me is because my godmother had faith in me. When I first got word of the acceptance, my godmother told me she always looked at the Better Homes and Gardens quilt magazines (they have several) and hoped to find me published within it. I couldn’t tell her then, but I can now…her dream came true and I am so happy that she should live to see it. Today a copy of the magazine and one of the pincushions is heading her way with my love.

I’m blessed in many ways. I’m also happy to know that the next half century of my life I will be working in an industry that I love. I’m glad you’re joining me on this journey. Here’s to a life filled with textiles, wool, misc. fibers, and dreams.

Note: This is a quarterly published magazine that should remain available until April 26. Can’t find it? I have some for sale on my Etsy shop along with the fabric kits and the crushed walnut shell filling to make your own pincushion.


  1. Suzanne Rehbock says:

    Now I know how very lucky I was to purchase one of your pincushions at Artist Alley. Congratulations to one creative lady!! I am extra happy for you!♥

  2. Julia says:

    Congratulations!!! I got this magazine for my birthday and I loved that cute little pin cushion! I made the hamburger in the magazine for the Flickr swap I am in, but debated for a long time about making the flower one instead. I do plan to make this one soon :).

    What an exciting thing! To be published?! What a lucky lady you are 🙂

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