Here’s to Learning…

Zip another month has passed by, summer is finally here in the south. I truly loved our mild spring. The windows were open for quite a few weeks, but now the hum of the AC keeps me company instead of the birds singing in the yard.

During May, I enjoyed the company of several talented women who joined me in a Mixed Media Surface Design class at The Artist League. Once a week, for 3 weeks, we met for playful experimenting with surface design. During each class, I showed them some techniques to add color and design to white surfaces (cloth or paper) and then they played.

I knew going into this class that I could never predict the final results. This wasn’t a project class; I didn’t want them to copy me. I wanted them to take a technique, then find something within themselves to create their own designs. Their results proved me right. I never would have been able to predict what they did. Each session I was blown away by the talent in the class. Master works of modern art were created from their spontaneous whimsy. If they wanted to try something different, I said “Why not?” or “Try it and see.”

I have 2 favorite parts of teaching. The first is watching the “ah ha!” moment happen, when the student realizes they can do something which once intimidated them. The second is when “I” learn something. In all the years I have taught, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t learn something during one of my classes. As the ladies in this class experimented, I learned with them. It was so exciting to watch how things developed. So here’s to learning, its so much fun, I never want to stop!

If you think this class sounds interesting, then join me for:
Fiber Collage: Adding Depth and Texture with Textiles
July 23, 2011 from 9:30 to 4:30
$40 member/$50 non member
Location: The Artist League of the Sandhills
For more information, contact The Artist League at 910-944-3979.