Mr. September

Its the 1st day of July.  I managed to get through June. It was so packed with cool things for me, it was one exciting adventure followed by another. I made it through and am glad my life doesn’t run like that every month. Its going to take me several posts to catch you up on things…so be patient.

As we’re progressing through summer, I’m reminded of last year. It was a long hot summer, filled with difficult emotions brought on from caring for my old dog, Storm. We loved him for 13 years and I was forced to make the hardest decision of my life last August. It was a sad time for me, but this year things are much better. I’m very happy for my buddy, Storm. He’s traveling the world this next year and smiling his silly smile at anyone who cares to look. Earlier this year he was spotted in Salt Lake City. I suspect he’ll be in Chicago this August. Possibly in Long Beach later this month and most likely in Houston this Fall.

And if you want, he could grace you with his company.

No I haven’t lost my marbles, my buddy Storm the German Shepherd Dog is Mr. September in the Quilting Arts 2012 Calendar. You can buy your own copy of the calendar and see his handsome-ness close up. Or you can put yourself at any number of venues, where the folks at Quilting Arts Magazine might be, and maybe see him in person. Well at least my thread-painted rendition of his awesomeness. He’ll be touring with Quilting Arts Magazine until the end of next year.

Storm was born in September, so its quite ironic that he was chosen to represent this month in the calendar. The moral is, when things are difficult, do your best to work your way through…one foot, then the other. In the end, when you look back you may see that something special has come from the journey. For me, my difficulties last summer brought me here so I can introduce you to my new favorite playboy, Mr. September.


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