What Can You Discover in the Solitude?

This month I’ve given myself a gift of time. I’m focusing this “free” time on my art, because I’m scheduled to be one of the two featured artists at Liquidambar in October. I’m devoting the month to the mission of creating new pieces for the show. Maybe it could be called an “Art-cation.”

Taking time to focus on my art has been very cathartic. During the process I’m contemplating on what makes me happy and where I want to be. I’m letting my art happen during this mindful experience and I’m discovering a lot. I think everyone needs to spend some time alone. Being rushed or having others demand your attention doesn’t allow you to truly focus on what’s right in front of you. Its important to understand what is driving you, or not. Taking time to reflect on your journey is very rewarding.

What also is rewarding is the art work I’m producing. Pictured on this post is my newest piece, “Solitude” (dimensions: 36” x 46″). It’s not quite a quilt and not quite a painting, but contains components of both. Its embellished with thread-painting, which is basically using thread as your paint and the sewing machine as the brush (I love doing this). The leaf is created entirely from thread. The entire piece is pure me, mixed media and fiber.

For me, the mighty silhouette of the tree (red maple) is a powerful image. Strength, beauty, patience, power, are a few words that I conjure in my mind. I’m also reminded to hang on for the ride and stay grounded, even if things don’t go so smoothly. This month has helped me realize how fortunate I am in many ways. If you can find the time, I encourage you to spend it alone with yourself. Its amazing what you can discover in the solitude.