Earthy Things

This has been a wonderfully creative month…and its not over yet.

The most exciting thing, so far, is being a featured artist at Liquidamber gallery in Pittsboro, NC. The first of the month, on a beautiful sunny Sunday after noon, I was treated to an artist reception. I shared the day with artist Christine Lush-Rodriguez.

Christine is a wonderfully talented clay sculpture. She creates these wonderful vessels, with intricate cut-outs, and rich earthy colors. I am very pleased to share the stage with Christine. Our work looked like it belong together.

During the process of preparing for this, I found my artist voice. The art quilts that I created for this venue were rich and earthy in color and truly expressed my love of the natural world. Butterflies, trees, dragonflies, feathers, they all played a part in my pieces.

My pieces will be on display until the 1st of November. If you have time, stop by and see them. I know you’ll enjoy your visit. Pittsboro is a charming town and Liquidamber is a lovely shop. I am honored to show my work there.