A Sewing Machine with a View

As I mentioned in my last post, October was a very wonderful month creatively and emotionally. It presented me with opportunities that enriched my soul and gave me courage to continue on my artistic journey.

When I started writing this post, I was sitting in a beach front home in Virginia watching the waves crash the shore. My sewing machine was waiting, in front of the window, for me to start her up and work on my project.  When I got tired of sewing, I could look up and stare at the beach front…what a view!

I was there on a quilting retreat with 11 other like-mined professional art quilters. These women were extremely enthusiastic about having a few days to walk away from their busy lives and dedicate to their sewing passion. I was quite impressed with the talent that surrounded me. I was also very impressed with them as individuals. Each of them had a sense of calm about them that radiated throughout the house. No worries, just enjoyment!

Each morning I awoke with the enthusiasm of a child at Christmas. I would jump from my bed and peer out the window to see the sun start to peak over the ocean horizon. I would quickly get dressed and walk to the shore and sit down to watch the sun rise from the depths of the sea. Wow! Each morning the view was just as spectacular as the previous morning. I felt so comforted sitting there in this vast space watching the birds and dolphins play. I truly needed this down time.

I also needed the creative time. Ideas are streaming, spurred on by conversations, challenges, and sheer beauty that surrounded me that weekend. During the weekend, I started and completed a 12″x12″ cat portrait, that I’m calling “Scat Cat.” This piece was made especially for Animal Advocates of Moore County and their annual silent auction fund raiser in December. They are doing good things and I’m glad to help them. This piece is special to me, because of the memories of the weekend it was created. I wish I could always work with a sewing machine with a view like that.



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  1. cathie says:

    Hi Nanette. WOW you have been so very busy and extremely productive. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are learning to repair sewing machines. That is so sassy! I love your spirit.
    It has been a while since I’ve visited you and I’m glad I stopped by. Hope all is well and you are enjoying life.

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