Let it Snow, Ho, Ho, Ho

About 4 years ago, my sister casually mentioned she wanted a Christmas quilt that she could leave out through the winter. She didn’t want anything that “screamed” Christmas and had to be put away after the New Year. I don’t know if she was really asking me to make her one, but in her subtle way I thought she was. The thought stayed in my mind until 2 years ago, when Moda came out with a fabric line by¬†Sandy Gervais. I was immediately drawn to the charm square bundles (5″ squares) with it’s red, green, dark blue, turquoise and pink fabric selection. This fabric collection did not scream Christmas, but many of the motifs clearly had holiday themes. It was a winner. So I purchased a couple of fabric bundles and some matching red yardage and off I went.

When I got home I did what most quilters do with their stash…I stashed it. The fabric sat for another year. In December 2010, I decided it was time to make this quilt. Sister’s birthday is in January, I thought I could get it done in time for her special day. I purchased some more fabric, brown this time. I think red and brown looks really good together and brown is definitely not thought of as a Christmas color. Then, life got busy. My sister visited me in January and I showed her the lovely fabrics that would soon be her birthday gift that wouldn’t be delivered on her birthday.

Flash forward to June (Yes, June!), and another opportunity to visit with my sister. I had just taken the sewing machine repair class and decided that my sister’s quilt needed to be quilted on my grandmother’s sewing machine. I quilted it and then added the binding on my way to the family reunion (thank goodness for long car rides). While binding, I noticed I had some severe tension issues with my quilting. The question…”Do I pass it on in this condition? or Bring it home again?” Yes, you guessed it, being the perfectionist I try not to be, I showed it to sister and carried it back home.

If you’re a quilter, you may understand that at this point I just really wanted it to go away. At the very least I had to walk away from it for awhile. OK, I agree 5 months does sound like a long time, but life got busy again. Last month, I tackled the inner procrastinator and ripped out all the problem stitches. I then put it back under my grandmother’s machine and re-stitched the newly unquilted areas. Success!

Yesterday my sister received her new quilt. Freshly washed with its batting all crinkled. On the same day at her home, the sky dumped snow. I’m sorry, sister, that your quilt took so long. I am glad you got it in time to show off this Christmas and through to your birthday next year. Unfortunately, my naming of the quilt, well it was inspired by your photo¬† from last year (left) and it seems be an omen to your upcoming winter season, so “Let it Snow, Ho Ho Ho!”



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