What I did this summer…

It has been a busy summer. Or is it that time just flies way too quickly when you get older? This summer, I pushed many layers of fabrics under my sewing machine needle. I have several artquilts waiting for me to complete…(deadlines looming way too near). I also have many more to produce. I’m going to do my best to document my journey as I prepare to be the Featured Artist at Eye Candy Gallery in Southern Pines this coming May 2013. Mark your calendar’s now, so you can join me.

I got involved with Eye Candy early last year, when I made the sunflower (“Sól”) for Eye Candy’s Double Takes show. During this time, the owner and the manager asked me to join their gallery to display my work. I was quite humbled that they asked me and it didn’t take long for me to say yes. My work has been displayed there since April. Frank and Nancy are greatly supportive. They are also keeping me on my toes by encouraging me to create new work.

Frank Pierce, Eye Candy’s owner, is a fabulous artist. Oils, acrylics, photography, digital art, colored pencils, you name it, Frank has the gift. He also likes sharing his art by teaching. This summer, I saw that Frank was offering a class on Prismacolor pencils. I quickly snagged the opportunity to learn something new and was ever thankful that I did. I learned quite a lot during the process.

Now you may ask why would I want to learn about colored pencils when I’m a fiber artist? Well, you’ll have to wait and see how I merge these new skills into my fiber art. Next time I post, I’ll show you an example of what I did. Until then, I’ve posted some of the Prismacolor pencil drawings I made this summer.


  1. jenny says:

    Wow! I am really impressed with the colored pencil work – they are such a challenge for me, and I guess I’ve never had the patience to want to take it farther. Good for you for finding a way to work with them!

  2. Lesley says:

    WOW. The pencil drawings are amazing. What other talents do you have hidden away. Can’t wait to see more and find out how you will combine Prismacolor & art quilts.

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