Its a wonderful feeling.

Earlier this month, I told you about the two fiber and stitched oil can renditions I made after being inspired by an art class I took this summer (read more about that). One of these renditions was intended for my quilt guild’s biennial show, Quilting in the Pines V. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that this was only my 2nd time entering my work in a guild show. But I don’t make traditional quilts, so its a little difficult to enter an artquilt in a show the specializes in traditional piecing. This year was different though. It was the first year they had an “Art Quilt” category. For that reason, I HAD to enter this year.

Along with the “Oil Cans #2”, I entered “Solitude” (aka “the tree”). I entered truly expecting not to win anything. My techniques are non-conformist and would probably be bashed on technical merit. I know that. I know the rules. I just choose not to follow the rules. So my thought in entering was, “It is what it is, enter them anyway.” And so I did.

This guild’s show is always amazing. It is set in an old fair barn, which provides such a warm ambiance. And, the talent…there is some awesome talent among these ladies. Even though it may sound biased, I have always felt this is one of the best guild quilt shows I’ve seen. The pictures posted are just a little eye candy of the show.

During the show, “Solitude” won a 2nd Place Ribbon in its category and happily (sadly) it was also sold and is now in the hands of its new owner. It is sad to see it go, it meant a lot to me. But it was created for someone else and it foundĀ  Patsy. It makesĀ  me happy to know my work will be so loved in its new home. Thank you Patsy for loving it.

And, during this show “Oil Cans #2” also sold. Again, it is in the hands of someone who I know will love it. Thank you, Lynette. It makes my soul feel good. Both ladies, my friends, live near me and have given me visitation rights. ~smile~

So, I entered this show not expecting to win, but I did. I won a ribbon and better yet, I won knowing that 2 of my pieces are now in new homes being loved and cared for. Its a wonderful feeling.

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  1. sandie says:

    HI, I found your blog because i googled juggler.. your work is very beautiful and graceful and joyful, I’m going to continue with my day feeling rather inspired by your lovley work and feeling uplifted. thanks for a little bit of magic.

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