Overflowing with Happiness

Somewhere in the shuffle, I lost November. Is Thanksgiving really tomorrow? And I’m cooking? Wow! Lots to do. And of course nothing you do for Thanksgiving can be small, big bird, big pies … and can’t forget the sausage dressing…lots of it. OK, I’m getting hungry.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. I like that we take the time to be thankful. Recently I summarized my year to a friend, I amazed myself in the process of doing so. Last year, I took a brave step to focus on my art and in the process I told myself to create what I want. Just let it happen. In return, I’ve received positive feedback and national recognition. Really? Me?

For example, just this week I received word that one of my art quilts has been accepted into a juried exhibit. The show produced by the Professional Art Quilters Alliance – South is called ARTQUILTSwater. Entrants were ask to interpret the theme “water.” I entered two quilts “Being Koi” and “Spigot.” Only one made the cut and that was “Spigot.”

Its funny how it came to be. I knew early that I would create “Being Koi,” but “Spigot” came as an afterthought. I was thinking water and a faucet appeared in my head. It goes back to my love of old rusty things. I had fun creating the water splashing out of the faucet, using stretchy synthetic fabric that I found in my personal stash. I also added a bit of a surprise by stitching the water with glow-in-the-dark thread. When you turn off the lights the water glows (hmm, an underlying meaning maybe?).

The name is special too. Spigot is what I call a faucet (with my Chicago accent I actually say “spicket”), some may call it the spout. Anyway, I know what I mean, but the guys are the hardware store do not. It took me awhile to realize folks in the south don’t know the word spigot. I’m not afraid to do plumbing around the house, and that means sometimes you need to ask the hardware clerk for assistance. This quilt reminds me of regional differences in speech. I find it humorous and thankfully so did the jurors. Here’s my artist statement for “Spigot” the quilt:

The clerk looks with question, ‘Spigot?’ Yeah, it’s that thing my garden hose connects to and I use to wash my hands.

Receiving the acceptance of this quilt into the show, emphasizes how lucky I am to do what I’ve always wanted to do…make art. I am thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had and the friends that I’ve made through this life long pursuit of my dream. I am thankful for having a loving husband who believes in me. A great majority of my family have left this Earth, but I am thankful they were there for me, each in their own way encouraging me to be me. And the family that is still here, they are my personal cheerleaders and I’m thankful for them.

I’m glad we have Thanksgiving, because it reminds us to reflect and remember how good life is. So, thank you dear reader, for taking the time to read my words. May your life be ever overflowing with happiness.


ARTQUILTSwater is produced by Professional Art Quilters Alliance – South. The exhibit is open from January 4 – March 24, 2013 at Page Walker Arts and History Center in Cary, NC.

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  1. Mary Stori says:

    Well Nanette…….you might be surprised at your success over the past year…..but I’m not……your talent is apparent!! Congrats & Happy Turkey Day!!

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