Gifts in Life

Last week I had the opportunity to teach some wonderful ladies at my quilt guild. They were all very anxious to learn how to make fabric-wrapped coiled bowls. I’ve made my share of these bowls, totebags, coasters, and hot pads. The concept is much like rolling snake-like shapes of clay to make coiled clay pottery.  (Do you remember doing that as a kid?) In the fabric version you’re using a sewing machine to zig-zag stitch over wrapped cotton clothesline. There’s something zen about it. Such a gratifying feeling, I can’t explain it.

Well, I didn’t invent the process. There are quite a few people who have written patterns and books about their techniques. No matter what technique you follow, I’ve found that the coiling part (zig-zag stitching) is pretty much the same. However, it’s the wrapping part that holds variation between one technique and the next.

In order to help my students understand the process, I wrote a short tutorial with all the basic things you would need to make a small bowl (with or without handles). Since I have it all together neat and tidy, I thought you would enjoy having a copy [Use the short form below to download the tutorial].

Consider this pattern my gift to you for supporting me in my creative journey. Here’s to sharing our gifts in life.


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