We’ll have to wait and see

My studio still isn’t in the best of shape, but I finally have clear work surfaces. I was correct that having a clean-er work space helps with the creative energy. It also helps that I’m being inspired.

Remember last year when I participated in the “Double-Takes” exhibit at Eye Candy Gallery in Southern Pines? Well Eye-Candy is gearing up to do the same thing next year. They posted dozens of photographs for participants to peruse and last Friday we were able to make our selections. My first choice was granted to me. OH NO! I should have picked something simple. Something I could comfortably accomplish in a week or two….but no! What fun is that? I chose something that will make me think and work hard.

I know the photographer. We went to college together for wildlife biology. We have many mutual friends in the both the art and science fields. Our paths crossed many, many times, but we only met in person this past summer.

The first time I saw the photograph it was hanging in the Arts Council gallery. When I saw it I stopped in my tracks, a prescribed burn in a longleaf pine forest. I’ve been there. I’ve worked the fire line, could smell the smoke and feel the heat. I was amazed at the stunning image the photographer created. I was in awe.

Then amongst all the images I could choose for Double-Takes, there was that fire line photo. My first thought, “it’s too complicated,” but I had 2 weeks to make a decision. So, I thought about it. I could choose the cute kitten, the rusty truck, the pretty cedar waxwings, or the majestic tiger. Every time I thought about it my brain quickly skipped over the choices and went back to the fire line.  The trees, the fire, the sunshine, the smoke? How could I do this?

I know what I can do…but I love the challenge of what I can’t do. The brain is working. Its in initial design mode. It’s selecting fabrics, mentally sewing pieces of fabric, and contemplating how to embellish the details.

I’m ready to go…and excited to see the results. Can I really do this photo justice? We’ll have to wait and see.