Finding Peace

seeking-balanceThe new year is a time of reflection for me. Its a wonderful feeling to think you can start fresh when a new calendar has been hung. I’m not much of a planner, so right now I see the next few months as a huge blank canvas. There are a couple of days marked to keep me focused, but there is lots of open space for exploring new ideas.

One of my goals (resolutions) this coming year is to continue my stash reduction. I have a lot of supplies. For several years I stepped away from the quilting world and explored spinning, wool felting, beading, and mixed media collage. The stash accumulated from these activities doesn’t include the preexisting stash from many years of knitting, crocheting, sewing and quilt making. Oh and don’t forget my joy of vintage sewing machines.

Although, I find myself still “needing” to get more supplies…I am making conscious efforts to reduce the load. This coming year, my plan is to use more of what I have and sell/donate things that I just don’t think I’ll use anymore.

I’m looking forward to see what is to come in 2013! I’m ready to start coloring my blank canvas. At the start of this year, I make a toast to creating more, seeking balance, and finding peace in all we do.

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  1. Great idea, Nanette, to tackle stash reduction in the coming year! I’ve been thinking of (or more accurately they have been haunting my waking moments) the bins of fabrics I have accumulated over the years and consequently dragged with me to Maui. Thanks for the inspiration!

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