Time passes quickly.

Here’s the deal…I’m stumped.
3poppiesPart of the problem I have with this new life mission is understanding how to manage my time. I need to figure out ways to bring in income so I feel financially vital to our household…and have the funds to support my art. I also need time to create art. There are periods when I feel my art takes a back seat to the money.

On my daily walk this morning, a neighbor wished me happy new year and noted how quickly he thought the last year had passed. His comment made me think back to my childhood days. Back then, days felt like they lasted forever. A week long school break felt like a month. I remember being so anxious to turn 13…I thought the day would never come.

Now look at me. Several decades have past since I was in my 20’s! Today a week often feels like it lasts 24 hours. A year seems like a couple months worth of time. I don’t understand this shift in perception. Is it my thought pattern that’s shifted or is my life just too crammed full?

There are periods where I struggle moving forward. I stress out about not doing enough, but I also feel like I’m never still. I’m in a panic about getting my artwork done for the commitments I have these next few months. But, in the same vein, I am working on a free-lance project that is taking my time, has a more immediate deadline…and pays money. Artwork doesn’t have as quick of a financial reward. Its a juggle.

Today marks the 18 anniversary of my father’s death. Its difficult to believe it has been that many years. On a day like today, I am forced to reflect on the speed of time. I am also forced to stay focused on my path, for this week I committed to doing a 3-women art exhibit in November 2016. Wow that seems a long way off…but…remember time passes quickly.