Committed to my art schedule

I’m trying to change my life and work as a professional art quilter. I’m finding this is not an easy thing to do. The task is comparable to putting yourself on a diet. You know if you eat right and exercise, you’ll reap the rewards of a healthier body with more stamina.

The healthy lifestyle requires concentration and dedication. You must constantly work on it and establish routines that will carry your success long term. You can’t say, “I’ll start tomorrow,” because in philosophical terms there is no tomorrow. You must always think about what you’re eating and how that effects the final outcome. And, you must set aside time every day to exercise your body. This holds true for working on your art.

lionsIt is easy to get side-tracked. Stressful events step into our lives and all the best laid plans get forgotten as we attack the issue on hand. I don’t have time for the gym today (or tomorrow and the next day) easily turns into a routine unto itself.  I don’t have time or energy to think about preparing food, becomes I’ll just forget about eating healthy and grab a quick (calorie-heavy) meal instead. It’s an easy fix for the moment, but not long term.

I feel this way about my art sometimes. I work free-lance jobs to bring in extra money. The jobs should be easy, but turn into more work than I expect. I’m running on hyper-mode to meet deadlines and find that I have no time to do my art. I get overwhelmed. Something has to give and unfortunately the weak link becomes my art.

Creative coach, Lesley Riley, says that we must schedule our art time, just like we would schedule any other event in our lives. And then, we must stay committed to that appointment — Now! that’s the hard part!

Its all about setting routines. Just like I make sure I exercise each morning, I must also stay committed to my art schedule.


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  1. Nanette, you write so beautifully! I am so glad I am keeping up with your blog as you are imparting such wise and useful information I can only hope some it truly sinks in and helps me through similar situations. Keep up the great work!

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