I think its finally true

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who liked to play with thread, yarn, and fabric. She made doll clothes and did crochet. As a young adult, she took up knitting and loved the art of creating her own fabric from string. Then, one day in the fall of 2000 a friend asked her to join a quilting group. “Me quilt? Are you crazy?” asked the young woman. “No, I’ll go with you to be social, but I will not take up quilting.”

All her life this woman wanted to an artist, but felt her skills were more craft than art. As her evolution continued, the woman was coerced by her peers to sew scraps of fabric into patchwork. The bug had bit. By the fall of 2001 the woman had made her first quilt.

Fiber Art Now -Being KoiThe learning curve seemed endless, as she developed one new skill after another. Eventually she knew enough to edit patterns and teach. But she still didn’t see herself as an artist…merely a crafter re-creating someone else’s ideas. She had long discussions with family and friends about the distinction between art and craft.

After a temporary foray into mixed-media and years of learning about the craft of fiber, the now middle-aged woman developed a new perspective on her media of choice; fiber. Adding her own dash of mixed media, the crafter emerged as an artist.

19422_465233293537203_1025652581_nThat’s my story, this journey was long, but I feel honored to become recognized for what I am doing. Today, I received my copy of the Fiber Art Now winter edition. I’ve only seen one copy before this and I was blown away by the talent within the pages. And there on page 51 sits a picture I recognize and in golden yellow font the caption reads ” Being Koi by Nanette Zeller.”

I think its finally true, that little girl has become an artist.


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  1. Sandi Myer says:

    I can relate so easily to your post.. your work is beautiful and I will enjoy reading and seeing more of your work. Thank you!

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