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My creative mojo has kicked back into rhythm. Today I finished the 2nd of 3 deadlines that I have coming up in the next couple weeks. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the completed projects (its part of the deal with the submission requirement). Therefore, I have nothing “purdy” to show you.

fireline1Item #3 on my list can have a little more exposure…but I have nothing exciting to show you with my progress. This 3rd deadline is my project for the DoubleTakes show at Eye Candy Gallery next month. I really feel like I’m pushing a deadline on this one, but I know I’ll get it done.

Through everything I’ve done the last few weeks, I continue to be reminded about how things pull together. All the past lives (aka career choices) I’ve had in my life make sense. Awhile back I wrote about my experience as a biologist and how that influenced how I see things.

This week I’m reminded that all my experience with graphic design has also helped me as an artist. For DoubleTakes, I am using a photo for inspiration to make an art quilt. I’ve taken that photo and imported it into Adobe Illustrator to create a clean line drawing. I traced the lines to get them straight and added/removed things to enhance my vision of the finished quilt.

Without my skills in Adobe products, I would be hand drawing templates and using a projector to get the enlargement. I’ve done work like this before. Its tedious, time consuming and likely to produce errors. You’d need plenty of erasers to get the job finished.

templatesOnce I had the finished design in Illustrator, I just enlarged it to fit my size requirements. Unfortunately, I don’t have a plotter to print large patterns. Thankfully, Illustrator has a printing option to “tile” the design onto multiple sheets of paper. Once I had all the pages printed, all I had to do was tape them together and wa-la…there it is a full size template 32″ x 48″.  In the photo you’ll see the vinyl sheet over the paper. I’ve created that as a positioning tool. When I start building the quilt on the background, I’ll be able to place my pattern pieces under the vinyl and position them perfectly. I learned this trick from quilt artist Susan Brubaker Knapp in her book “Point, Click, Quilt!” Its a time saver if you need to be accurate about placements of parts. Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll have some major progress to show you.


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