Until its finished.

Fireline backgroundThe DoubleTakes show deadline is fast approaching. My creative focus is on getting this done in time. Deadlines drive me. If I don’t have deadlines, I tend to flounder a little bit. I like having them in my life. When I don’t have a reminder knocking on my brain I find that I can get easily distracted.

“No, Nanette. You can’t do that because you should be working on your deadline.”

I know I’ve written about my creative process in the past, but each time I’m faced with something new like this I get reminded of how it all works for me. I was a little panicked earlier this year. I knew I had something to do for DoubleTakes, but other things took more immediate attention.

The funny thing is that even though I didn’t physically work on this new quilt, I have found that I was working on this quilt. I was working via brain energy. I purchased some fabric and other materials and I did a huge amount of visualization. I pondered how I would handle the design challenges. I built this quilt over and over in my head, before I ever started it. And, until its done, I’m going to continue building it.

fireline greyscaleThis process amazes me. So far everything I’ve physically worked on came out surprising spot on. I still don’t know how I’m going to handle each of the upcoming sets of design decisions. I continue to think about each of them as I move forward. I’m pretty sure, however, when I get to the next stage things will fall into place and become what they are suppose to become.

Is everything going to look exactly like I had it in my head? No. I’m realizing that what’s in my head is technique. I don’t see finished elements, but I do see how they will be created. It takes fabric and thread and paint to make the real design and until that’s been added all I see is a greyed out image. I never seem to really see the finished project in my head…until its finished.