I’m glad you asked.

I’m still working on the Double Takes piece. I was really getting into working on it this past weekend and I pulled the quilt out from my machine and saw a problem. Egads! There are about 7 layers of materials on this thing. The fabrics had pulled and started puckering. Now what? I did some minor triage and left the quilt sit for 48 hours. During that time my brain was working in overdrive. Saturday night, I was awake every hour on the hour from midnight until 6am. Each time I awoke, I knew my brain was processing the situation while I slept, because my eyes would open quickly and I found that I was vividly engaged thinking about the details of the quilt. Each time I awoke a different scenario would present itself. Try this…no, try this…no, just scrap it and make a smaller one…you have the time. WHAT? Did you just say scrap it? No way!

MarkOn Monday, I had the solution and I have since worked myself past the dilemma that kept me awake. And no, I didn’t start over. Another disaster diverted. You’ll have to wait a little longer to see.

A few weeks ago, I ran into an acquaintance while out doing errands. I told her about the DoubleTakes challenge and about which image I chose. Her reply to me was,  “that seems hard.” After this past weekend, I must agree with her. It is hard, but that’s why I like it.

I could choose things that are easy and stick with a path that is comfortable, but I realize that’s not me. I don’t do easy very well. My life has had its fill of obstacles and I always fight myself through them. I remember a time, before my dad died, that I was telling him how challenged I was about a situation I was in at the time. I remember him telling me, “everything has always worked out for you, Nanette. It will be OK.” That statement has stuck with me. Things always do seem to work out for me.

When things are going easy, I feel bored. I like when my brain is engaged and working through details. Yeah, I was a bit worried this weekend, but I worked through it. It is OK now.

And so this brings me to the photo in this post. This week an envelope arrived from a special friend in Hawaii. I have signed on to another challenge. Inside the envelope where some luscious fabrics. I can’t disclose all the details yet, but my brain is working on the idea. I’m once again virtually constructing something. I’m incorporating an idea I’ve wanted to do for several years. What would you do if given these fabrics and free reign on design? Hmmm? This one will be fun. Thank you Mark, I’m glad you asked!



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