Enjoy the Sól

doubletakes2011   Last week I posted a picture of “Sól” and one of you asked if this was a new piece. I thought, “Well, of course I posted about this piece, didn’t I?” A scroll back through my blog and I realized I never wrote anything about this bright sunflower. I can’t believe I overlooked telling you about it. Here’s the story:

Sól calyxLate in 2011, I got wind of the local gallery, Eye Candy Gallery, producing an exhibit entitled “Double Takes 2012.” It was their first year attempting this challenge of matching “artists” with photographers from the local photo club. If you follow my blog, of course this sounds familiar to you, because I just finished my piece “Fireline” for Double Takes 2013. The difference with “Sól” was back then Double Takes was an all new concept and I had no working relationship with Eye Candy Gallery. On a whim, I asked gallery manager Nancy Rawlinson if I could participate. She said “yes!”

Sól assembly“Sól” is the by-product of my match with photographer Gisela Danielson. When I saw the photo and fuzzy underside of Gisela’s sunflower, I immediately thought “wool” and “needle felting.” The rest of the process would be develop as I went along.

Entering this show opened doors for me. Eye Candy liked what I did and asked me to join their gallery as a regular displaying artist. I’ve since taken classes with owner, Frank Pierce, participated in several shows, and have been asked to be Eye Candy Gallery’s May 2013 featured artist.

SólAnd, something else happened along the way. While “Sól” was on display at Eye Candy Gallery, someone took a special interest in this piece. I was asked if I would be willing to trade “Sól.” I’m holding off telling you more of the details about the trade until after  my artist reception at Eye Candy Gallery on May 3rd (6-9pm). I can tell you that the trade took place last Friday and we both are very pleased in the final exchange. I also feel very honored by this trade, the mere offer made me speechless. I can’t wait to show you, but you’ll have to wait!!! Until then, just sit back and enjoy the Sól (sun)!