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If you’ve been following my blog the last several weeks, you’re aware that I’m participating in a Blog Hop. Every Sunday for the past 5 weeks I’ve introduced you to another blogger who loves Mirror Ball Dot (MBD) fabric designed by Mark Hordyzynski for Micheal Miller Fabrics. This Sunday its my turn to show you what I’ve done with this shiny fabric that is so coveted by quilters. My pieces are finished…but you’ll have to wait until Sunday to see them. In the mean time, I thought you might be interested in how I know Mark.Strip & Knit With Style

I do freelance work as a technical editor (TE) for C&T Publishing. In early fall of 2007, C&T asked me if I would work on Mark’s book “Strip & Knit with Style” a fun book about knitting with fabric. Since I am also a knitter, C&T thought I would be a good match as TE on Mark’s book. What I found out during the editing process was that Mark and I matched on many things. Besides discussions about the book (of course) and knitting, Mark and I started talking about food. We both have Polish ancestry and so we started sharing stories about the great Polish foods we love. At the time he was living in New York City, which started us talking about my bucket list wish to visit the Big Apple. We were both raised big city kids and our conversations often focused on our love of the city life.

Mark Hordyzynski collectionNeed I say, we became friends. I eventually made it to NYC, but unfortunately Mark had already left for paradise. So we have yet to meet each other in person. Ah, how the Internet has allowed me to meet some great people.  Of all the books I’ve edited, I can only count on one hand the authors I still remain in contact.

Although we don’t chat as much as we use to, we do keep up with each other through our blogs. I love reading  about Mark’s foody adventures and the wonderful sites he sees in Hawaii. We regularly comment on each other’s writing and that’s how Mark saw what I was doing and MBD Challenge leftoversdecided to invite me into the Blog Hop.

The craziest thing I realized about Mark, is that I’ve been an admirer of his well before 2007. In my stash, some of my most coveted fabrics have Mark’s name printed on the selvage. Who knew when I bought these fabrics, that Mark and I would become friends? In this post, I’ve included a picture some of those special fabrics and a picture of what’s left from the MBD challenge. You’ll have to check in Sunday to see what I’ve been hopping into.

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  1. Mark Hordyszynski says:

    What a very touching post. Very simply put yet it speaks volumes. Thanks for being a part of the MBD and let’s make excuses to keep in touch! 😉

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