I Better Get To It

It has been a scattered week for me. Lots of little to-do lists floating around; family visiting, editing work, creating new artwork, and, amongst all that, I also have been re-energized to work on some sewing machines. The herd needs thinning. I have a few interested buyers and needed to get the machines serviced to fulfill my part of the agreement.

Necchi BU Nova - Repainted Green On my bench this week was a Necchi BU Nova made in the early 1950’s.  Before I started collecting them, I had never heard of these machines. I have since found these Italian-made machines are tanks! Literally. They weigh about 45lbs.

From a technical side, they sew zigzag which is a plus for an older machine. Mechanically they’re super simple engineering. The machine runs quite and solid. Beautiful stitches. Easy to oil. Oh, I can’t wait to work on the one I’m saving for me.

Usually Necchi BU’s were black, but there are a few green one’s out there. This one was originally green, yet somewhere someone decided to paint it. My suspicion was that there was a paint chipping issue and the owner just decided they could do a better job. The color is pretty but definitely not the yellow-green of the original paint job. Working on old machines makes me wonder about their past, something like adopting a rescued dog. Where did it come from? How many owners did it have? Was it well loved?

This one I know will be loved again. The new owner is excited to have it in her collection. She’s going to put it in a treadle cabinet and run it on foot power. How cool is that?

I also am working on some photo inspired quilts, because looming in my head is the need to make quilts for my show at the local Arts Council in 2014. Seems far away ‘eh? Well, not when you have 20 pieces you need. Early preparation is good. However, I don’t have anything I can show you yet, so…

With all this on my plate, I better get to it.