Spoken Through Me Once Again

This past week I started  reading (again) the “Artist Way” by Julia Cameron. In the 3 times prior to this, I’ve never gotten farther than week 3. Its a great book and I’m really going to try to get through it this time around.

Iris with logoIts funny reading it now, my prior attempts I was more a “wanna be.” I wanted to be an artist but I couldn’t allow myself to be called that. I was still seeking. I’m better at that part now, I truly believe I am an artist. This blog has documented this transformation.

If you read Julia’s book, you’ll realize that this is all part of the course. We’re creative animals, but we’re trained against believing in this force that drives us to create. How can you make money being an artist? You should get a real job? My grandmother used to do that? I can’t draw. I’m not good enough. These are all things we say to ourselves to silence the creative cravings.

This time round as I read the chapter on “Spiritual Electricity: The Basic Principles,” I understood the concept of the Great Creator. I’ve blogged about it many times. Now (versus then), when I create I envision what I want and just let it happen. I am amazed at this process of letting go and discovering my final product is nothing like I expected but exactly how I envisioned. Something was guiding me…Julia calls this the Great Creator.

This concept has eluded me in the past. My art was made to prove something. It doesn’t anymore. I’m answering to my own calling and that is my artistic voice.

We’ll see how this goes, I’m definitely in a different place than I was in my previous attempts at reading this book. I realize my biggest stumbling block is personal discipline and time management, so getting in a grove to self actualize the artist within me may be rocky at first. I’m OK with that. Its time to face the truth.

The iris image I present to you in this blog post is more than just a photo. It will be part of this journey of creative process that I’m on. In a short time, the image will be transformed into fiber art. The exact process is unknown. The ideas are forming, but we’ll have to wait. In due time the Great Creator will have spoken through me once again.


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