Liberty and Justice for All

Here in the USA , July 4th is our Independence Day holiday. I was raised to be a very patriotic person. My dad would fly several flags from our porch on the 4th; a 50 star flag, a bicentennial flag, and a Polish flag. call me freedomAs a first generation American, my dad was proud of this country and how it opened its arms to welcome his parents from Poland. His flag display was a tribute to the medley of countries which created this nation.

Like my dad, I like to display the American flag. I have one spotlit and flying proudly in my driveway. I also have several strategically placed throughout my house. Yeah I am a bit patriotic you could say.

My father’s parents both  immigrated here through Ellis Island, NY (or  according to my cousins from the garden state its not NY but NJ). So, in honor of my grandparents, I’m working on a fiber piece of the great lady who stands guard along the Hudson River. I used Spoonflower to have my artwork of the Statue of Liberty printed onto fabric. Now all I have to do is add some thread play and a little quilting.

Here’s to Liberty and Justice for All!


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