Iris_detailI hate summer in the Southeast. Ok…there I said it out loud. It wasn’t so bad the last couple weeks. It was raining like heck though. Everyday for over 2 weeks, we had monsoon style rain all day long and overcast. Unbelievable. Even though I missed the sun, I was Ok with rain. Really, I was.

This week the sun is shining, but why do I feel so miserable. It’s the heat. Well, really it’s the heat and humidity combined. I find it difficult to breathe in this weather. I choose to sit inside with the AC. How did folks live in this area before the availability of AC? Anyway, I feel cranky. I know its because of the weather. I want to go out side and sit on the porch…but I know I better not because the mosquitoes will find me and the sweat will start dripping and that gnats will annoy me. Ugh! I’m just being cranky.

Good thing I know what drives the cranky away. Yep…you guessed it…working on a new piece of art. Sitting in my cool room, listening to the hum of my sewing machine while I methodically add thread to fabric…a work in progress (WIP)…ah! This is nirvana.

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  1. Jenny Williams says:

    I’ve been cranky all day, too. And thanks for reminding me why – other people were worried it was them. Now I can assure them. It’s the stinking weather. Now if it rains it just gets hotter and steamier and much more humid. yech. If you can stay indoors and make art, it is the only blessing.

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