New Things to Inspire Me

campfire on the riverSometimes I think you need to just get away from it all. Since I spend most of my time in front of a computer, I found it quite refreshing to step away from the technology for a bit this past weekend. I wasn’t completely disconnected, I still checked email via phone every now and again.

At night we lit a campfire at the campsite along the river. It was nice to be part of the sunset instead of watching it through the windows of my house.

sunset on theriverI set up a tripod each night and practiced my skills at night photography. It took me quite a few shots to remember what I had to do. If the weather had cooperated more, I think I could have taken some exceptional photos. There were just too many clouds during this rainy weekend. And it wasn’t my tripod (drats, I forgot mine at home), so I didn’t have the flexibility that I was use to. In the end it all turned out pretty good anyway.

hobbit houseAt night I slept in a little hobbit house cabin where you could hear the river running all night long. Heavy rains this summer created some rapidly moving water. Such a wonderful site.

It just felt good to step away for a few days, visiting with friends and family. Seeing new sites. I like mini-vacations the best. Whenever I run away for just a couple of days, I always find new things to inspire me.