Any Ideas?

mysteryquilt2This past weekend I went to junk/antique shop in town with a friend. As we were looking around she spied some quilts. I’m not generally one who’s interested in buying old quilts, but my friend is and she’s very knowledgeable about the subject.

I was attracted by the color of the quilt…blues and whites in a crazy patch style. This was obviously a well-loved quilt because of all the holes worn in it…but, wait a minute…what is underneath the quilt top?

Poking around in the holes, we noticed batting (well of course) and another pieced top. Well, I’ll be. I’ve heard about this before, the original quilt gets worn and the family puts another top on it to extend the life a few more years. Well for $25 the curiosity got to me. I had to own this. I wanted to know the full story.

Over the course of 2-nights, I carefully clipped the hand-tied quilt top away from the inner quilt. Then I carefully peeled away the top and an extra layer of batting to reveal the inner quilt. What an amazing looking quilt! mysteryquiltI have never seen a pattern like this before, but I could see why someone would want to cover it up. There’s a tremendous amount of wear, especially around the edges and there’s an odd fading issue that occurred with some of the fabrics (maybe a mishap with bleach?). I bet this quilt was spectacular when it was new.

On its own the inner quilt is heavy, then add that extra layer of batting plus the updated quilt top, this blanket was meant to keep you warm. Definitely not a southern quilt. Because of its heft, there is something very comforting about this quilt. Its like the quilts I snuggled under in the artic-like Chicago winters of my youth.

There’s a story here and I want to know about it. The blue and white top cover is all shirting. Yes, actual shirts cut up and pieced together. Except for a the few pink check fabrics, I can picture my dad wearing shirts like this, or maybe even an old farmer.

Now what? For now, my curiosity has been fed, but what do I do with it it? I have a couple ideas running through my head…but what would you do? Any ideas?


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