Transformed into Fabric

pineconeThere’s a joke that is traveling around facebook showing a forlorn looking stick figure laying in prone position. The crazy little guy looks so lost and wild eyed. The caption reads “That moment when you finish a quilt and you just don’t know what to do with your life anymore.”

Sometimes I resemble that cartoon. Well not exactly…but the feeling is there. Last week I finished my iris quilt “Iris Nirvana.” And since then I haven’t known what to start on next. So many options. The first thing that needs to get finished is a fresh supply of pincushions. But, there’s something about having an art quilt in progress that seems to provide an extra level of excitement.

So while I’m in this “tween” stage (between projects), I present to you this little photo of a pine cone. This is the beginning of my art quilting process…the image…yes, inspiration. I need to think about how to get started…there’s going to be a lot of thought going on here, but someday soon the idea shall be transformed into fabric.