Inspired and Amazed

There’s no doubt I love fiber and textiles. I love to pet fabric and fondle yarn. If I see it, I usually have to touch it. Its tactile, its comforting.

I don’t know why with all the mediums available that fiber is my go to. As an art quilter, the more I work in this media the more people I find who share this similar connection.

FAN_FallPromoCoversI like prowling the magazine racks for ideas. There are a couple magazines that I know will give me inspiration, but there is one in particular that ranks as drool-worthy: Fiber Art Now. The textile art in this magazine is beyond anything I can explain. Cloth making, clothing, quilts, felting, knitting, and 3-dimensional objects. Each image on the page makes me stop and stare. Where do these artists find their inspiration? It totally amazes me, but it also makes me realize I’m not alone in this passion.

When I flip through the pages of Fiber Art Now, I sometimes feel like I live in a sheltered world because I have never seen things so amazing. It is really great that in the back of each magazine there is a listing of upcoming fiber-related exhibits listed by state and a separate listing with calls-for-entry. Its time for me to get into more shows, so I’m going to be paying more attention to those calls-for-entry. I’m glad I have a ready resource to find these listings.

If you’re interested in fiber art, I really think you need to find a copy of Fiber Art Now at the newsstand or better yet just get a subscription. Once you check it out, I’m sure you’ll be inspired and amazed.