Call Me Freedom

Call Me Freedom Call Me FreedomIt was a little over 12 years ago when I started to quilt. I remember because the second quilt I ever completed was for my husband’s niece when she was born. I remember hearing the news of the tragedy on September 11, 2001. At the time, my husband was active duty Army and the base was put into lock-down. I was alone with the never ending news coverage on every tv station which reminded me that we were still safe as a country, but also in terrible turmoil. I couldn’t bear watching any more of the non-stop chatter about plane crashes.

So I turned to the quilt.

I sat at the old singer machine and quilted the layers together. The news in the background and my mind wondering about the future. And somehow, I felt OK. Like a meditative hum, my machine continued to bring my attention to the colorful patchwork I had created and the prospect of the new life that was entering our family. What would her life be like?

There’s something magical about sewing. That year, I learned that it is deeper than just cloth, thread and needles. These materials would lead me on a journey of finding my true passion, changing my career, developing new friends and finding that peace is a state of well-being.

In honor of this day, I completed the quilts I wrote about on Labor Day weekend. To me, one of our strongest patriotic symbols is the Statue of Liberty. I refer to these quilts as “Call Me Freedom.”