Coming Home with Me

Nanette S. Zeller’s “Fireline” and “Iris Nirvana,” hanging with Eileen Williams’ “Dinner pour deux”

Its difficult to believe that I have been working on this exhibit, ARTQUILTSfreezeframe, for more than a year. I presented the idea of a photo-inspired art quilt exhibit to the membership back in June last year. This past weekend I saw how all the behind the scenes work paid off.

I have never been involved in anything like this before. Its quite exciting putting on an art exhibit and hanging your work for people to see. For me, its a new feeling and a proud feeling. Being one of the co-curators, it was a lot of work too. But, I like it. I like the work, I like the energy, and I adore the people I’ve found to do this with.

Christine Hager-Braun
Christine Hager-Braun’s “Orion Nebula and NGC 1975” and “Life Goes on: Corregidor Island”

Have I really only with PAQA-South (Professional Art Quilters Alliance-South) for two years? It seems much longer than that. I guess when you find your niche among like-minded people its easy to feel at home so quickly. I have to thank my friend Anne for encouraging me to join, I bet she never thought I would get so involved so quickly.

AQff_Eileen williams
Eileen Williams’ “Coastal Sunset”

We hung the exhibit last week Wednesday and Friday was the Artist Reception at Page-Walker Arts & History Center in Cary, NC. The quilts sparkled on the wall. Everyone in attendance seemed happy and excited about what they were seeing. I guess this is what makes these events so much fun. No one is worried about politics or family issues, they’re all there to take in the splendor of the art. And the art work is amazing. I’m giving you a sneak peek of some of what is on display in the gallery. The tiny piece by my friend Eileen Williams, found a new home this weekend. When the show is dismantled, “Coastal Sunset” will be coming home with me.


PAQA-South’s 2013 Member Exhibit
September 26 – October 20, 2013

Page-Walker Arts & History Center
119 Ambassador Loop
Cary, NC 27513