I’ll Keep Experimenting

denim_ombre denim_ombre1 sari_silk_scarf sari_silk_scarf_detailI’m experimenting. I’m a fiber artist so I’m allowed to do that. I love making art quilts, but I also love to knit and make other fiber things, too. Last fall, I bought a Schacht Cricket 15″ tabletop loom. Its been fun learning how to weave. I even took a couple weaving classes through Craftsy.

Several times in the last couple years I looked through my yarn stash hoping to find new homes for some of the pretty fibers in my collection. Frequently, however, I found myself saying that a particular yarn was just too pretty to give away. It needed to become something. Then the idea of the loom came to me. I could use up the pretty yarns more quickly than knitting something. I found I could weave a scarf in about 3-4 hours, which is pretty fast in my opinion.

Originally, my plan with this loom was to use up my yarn stash. A year later I can say, I have used some of my stash in my weaving experiments; a mere nick in the overall situation. The problem is sometimes I find myself in yarn stores and I become attracted to the pretty fibers and wonder what would happen with them on my loom. Between buying new yarns and weaving a few scarves, I have to say I think I’m at a net gain with my stash reduction.

I only weave when I’m watching TV and I find it fun, so I can’t really expect sympathy. With the cooler weather, I see more yarns going on the loom and also some experiments beyond the basic weaving techniques. Maybe some surprise gifts will be sent to friends and family this year, especially now that you can actually use a scarf in this weather. When I feel a bit more accomplished with my skills, I plan to incorporate newly formed fabric into my art quilts, but until then I’ll keep experimenting with the weave.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I am LOVING your experiments….they are absolutely beautiful!!! You continue to be one of my main inspirations!!!

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