Definitely More to Come

posy I’m a tween again! That in-between stage of my creative process. While I’m here, I feel like I’m in a spaghetti western…you know…the good, the bad, and the ugly!

We took down ARTQUILTSfreezeframe on Monday. I have time to think. Ideas are zooming out of my head in many directions…envision Medusa!

fabricIts the end of the year, time to prepare product for holiday sales and time to think of what I’ll do next year. 2014 Classes are at the top of my thought process. Oh yeah, so are those cute flower pins I want to make, and wait, there’s also the art quilt series I want to start so I can enter something in PAQA-South’s next exhibit ARTQUILTSwhimsy!

Yikes! So many directions, so many synapses igniting!

Unlike other tween stages I’ve been in, this one has me energized. The bad thing is I don’t hThreadpainted_butterflyave much to show you. A pile of flower wanna-bes, a black-and-white butterfly template, and a stack of recently purchased batiks. They’re all in the mix of my mental creativity.

Sorry dear reader, you’ll just have to wait to see the outcome. I guess in the movie biz they would call this the cliff-hanger. Stay tuned, there’s definitely more to come.