Happy Sewing!

I’m teaching several classes and working out ideas for several new classes. I’m also creating new product and experimenting with old patterns. Each day provides another opportunity for expanding my creative adventures. I’m busy and being productive, but I don’t have much to show you about what I’m working on.

8-Square TotebagThat’s how it goes being a freelance artist. Sometimes the things you’re working on have to remain secret until they’re ready to be revealed. It’s not that I don’t want to show you what I’m doing, its more that I have to work out the details and wait for the approval before I can officially share. For example, next week I hope to share a big announcement. One that I’ve been involved with for quite a number of months.

One thing I can tell you is that I have decided to share the directions for some of the projects I’ve been working on the last couple years. On my Etsy site you’ll find the pattern for my 8-square reversible totebag. I developed this pattern for a class I taught several years ago. When I taught the class, my students really enjoyed making the bag. They enjoyed it so much that I think each made at least 2. I know personally I’ve made at least 4. I love this bag for carrying my supplies to classes when I teach. It is a super easy project designed for beginner sewers.

Zigzag BowlDid you ever look at my “Freebies” page? There’s another project listed there on how to make coiled fabric bowls. There’s quite a few good books available on the subject using several different techniques. What I found is that basics of all of these techniques are the same thing, they use a zig-zag stitch to join fabric-wrapped clothes line. The free tutorial shows you the basics of these techniques. If you decide to get fancy, you can always seek out a more detailed book or pattern on the subject.

So in part with all my creating, I’m also developing ways to share my projects with you and other crafty people. I hope you get to take advantage of the resources I’m sharing and enjoy some happy sewing!