Enjoying My Creative Life

sweater2 I’ve been working through this month, ticking off one item at a time on my to-do list. For me its been a full month of teaching gigs. I really wanted to share some special news with you today, but things aren’t official yet. So instead, I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing when not prepping for classes.

Today, I restocked merchandise at Swank Coffee in Southern Pines, NC. I started last month creating things to share at the shop. Right now Swank has plenty of velvet pincushions and flower pins and a selection of huggable owls.

sweater1On a personal mission, I’ve made use of the long fall nights to catch up on knitting. I like knitting but haven’t accomplished much with it in the past few years. Namely because I promised myself I wouldn’t knit anything else until I finished the vest I was knitting for my husband. Three years in the making, there it is complete with vintage leather buttons.

Finsweater-socksally! Now I started work on the other sock for the pair of hand-dyed socks I started knitting a couple years ago.

I took the leftover yarn from my husband’s vest and put it on the loom and created an open weave scarf. I’d show you pictures accept that I want to wet felt it first. This woven and felted scarf is something I’ve been meaning to try for quite awhile.

I also started several projects that will become classes next year. And there are several ideas percolating for art quilts. whoocooks4yooWith classes done for the year, I should have time next month to catch up on quite a few projects.

Sounds like I’m busy, doesn’t it? I hate the word, “busy” to describe my life. It sounds so negative. Reminds me of “busy work” and doing things that just take up time with no personal gratification.  Although I always have plenty to do, the things I do are because I want to do them. Most of what I do in life I love (the exception being house cleaning). The saying goes “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’m not working and I’m not busy, I’m just enjoying my creative life!