Thinking of a Word

NSZ_threadpainting_sampleWow, the year has sure started with a blast of cold air. Cold weather always motivates me. I tend to have more energy to get things accomplished. This past year I started running again. When its hot out, my legs feel like they’re filled with wet cement. When its cool, it almost feels like they’re filled with feathers. Cooler weather just makes me want to move. It could also mean that I don’t want to sit still long enough to get cold.

The cool weather motivation also carries over into my creative life. I spent the last 2 weeks sorting through my studio putting things back in order from a month of creative chaos. I know the room needs some more TLC, plenty of purging is on the agenda for this year. Its time to say good-bye to by-products of all those creative trysts I’ve had over the years. For the time being, things are in working order and its time to start creating again.

With the new year, I don’t do resolutions. I have enough to-do lists that I don’t want to add to that (e.g., 3 art quilt deadlines before March 1). For several years now, I’ve heard about people choosing a focus word for the new year instead of making resolutions. This concept intrigues me. I would like a word that could guide me this year, but I can’t think of one.

I’m curious. Have you ever tried using a yearly focus word? Do you have one for this year? If so, what is it and how did you choose it?

Well, until next time, I’ll be here trying to stay warm, creating and thinking of a word.