Energy That Must Be Shared

I think you make connections with people, places and things for a reason. Yet you are given the free will to control whether these connections guide you or hold you back. The person I met today, reminded me to keep moving and not hold back. There was a spiritual connection and a reason that our paths crossed.

Treadle QuiltOn this month long journey of class taking, I spent the last 2-days under the tutelage of Dottie Moore. Dottie is a talented art quilter who possess a tremendous amount of spiritual energy. Most of my fellow classmates where there to let go of their inhibitions and learn to let their artistic voice speak to them. I was there to experience the spiritual side of art, learning more about the journey than the process.

I returned home last night after the first session of class and had a tremendous amount of energy. I had other plans for the evening, but inclement weather put a halt to them. Withn unexpected extra time on my hands…what do I do? I so wanted to continue the sewing journey from earlier in the day, but my sewing machine and many of my tools were locked away in the classroom overnight. Now what?

I decided to open up my 1897 Sears & Roebuck Burdick treadle sewing machine and start sewing some random blocks together. The 5″ fabric blocks were cut from the bandanas my dogs get when they visit the groomers. It was mindless work (meditative). Yet, the entire process required my entire body to pay attention…hands, feet and brain. It was quite magical. A few hours passed and I had a finished quilt top. It was such a joy to use this treadle machine that I have decided that I will also quilt this top on this machine — just because I can.

Dottie Moore InspirationThis morning I attended the 2nd half of Dottie’s class and continued in a meditative-style of creativity, focusing on intentional silence. The pieces I made in class are quite different from my simple patchwork on the treadle last night.

As I reflect on the past 2 days, I’m reminded to stay connected with my spiritual awareness. Although I may not think about it daily, I’m connected to the history of the old machine and the evolution of textile art it influenced. I realize I am deeply connected to my deceased mother and grandmothers. They were the one’s who started me on this path, by teaching me how to use needle and thread. I also realize that my journey is quite special because of  the influence I have on others. As an artist showing my work, I am changing the way people view textiles and art in general. When people view my work, they experience the energy I put into the piece. As a teacher, I am passing along generations of creative energy to other’s who crave it. It is the energy that is important. It is the energy that must be kept alive and the energy that must be shared.


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