Warm Enough to Wear Short Sleeves

SnowI live in the south and seems we never fail to have a snow/ice event at the end of every January. It cripples the state. Schools are closed for days. The roads are covered in ice.

I’m a big city kid who was raised in Chicago. If you’ve ever lived in Chicago, you know cold winters. Folks living in northern states don’t understand what its like in the south. Heck, it took me nearly 20 years to figure it out.

The problem isn’t that we’re weaker down here. The problem is we don’t experience enough winter weather to warrant the financial resources to clear the roads. Our state and local governments don’t put big bucks into snow plows and salt, because we don’t need them very often. Like all governments, money is tight, so they put the cash where it’s needed most. Reports declare that the state of North Carolina only has 1300 plows. Have you noticed that North Carolina is a big state? 1300 is not to many plows per acre.

I love the snow and cold weather. But following our snow event from last night and a drive into town mid-afternoon today, I was reminded how few resources we have. The major side-roads in town have large patches of frozen “stuff” covering the asphalt. I doubt we’ll see any salt trucks before the weather warms to nearly 60 this weekend…and by then who cares…it will all be melted anyway.

That’s what I like about living in the south. Every once in a while you get a taste of winter weather, but stick around a day or 2 and it will be warm enough to wear short sleeves.