Your Favorite Creative Memory

All the snow and cold this winter has been reminding me of my youth. I’m remembering people who helped shape me into who I am. I’m missing those who have left me behind to depart onto a different journey. And today, I was reminded of my creative youth.crayons

Growing up in Chicago, snow days, when the school was closed, didn’t occur very often. When they did, it was quite special. I remember my mom encouraged my creativity on those days. I remember making “Play Doh” with cornstarch, baking soda and water. I also remember molding faces in clay and then mixing flour and water and dipping newspaper strips in the mixture to apply to the sculpted clay. After the paste dried, I had paper mache masks to paint.

I guess my mom was pretty lucky that I was so easily entertained. And oh my, don’t forget the PBS show “ZOOM” (“that’s ZOOM, Z-double O-M, box 350, Boston, Mass, 02134”). It spurred my creativity even more and kept me glued to the tube, at least for 30 minutes each week. Outside of the black & white TV and AM radio (yes, I’m that old) there was no techno entertainment to occupy my young mind. Ah, the simpler times.

Why is this all coming back to me? Well, today I bought my first ever box of 64 crayons (you know the one with the sharpener built in the back). I’m using them for a class I’m teaching and the process of buying them has triggered a Tsunami of memories. I remember being jealous of all the kids who got the 64 box. I so wanted that box with the sharpener, not the lonely 18 pack.

Today I cracked open the big box and took a whiff. They don’t smell the same, but they sure are just as pretty. Creativity has always been a part of my life and its fun remembering. What’s your favorite creative memory?Crayons