Can You See Them in Fiber?

Have you been watching the winter Olympics? I love watching them, summer or winter. Its inspiring to think of the dedication it took for each athlete to boughsreach their level of expertise. Years and years of hard work. This year I’ve been amazed at how supportive the athlete’s are for each other. Such team spirit. It’s all so inspiring.

I’ve also been inspired by the weather we’re having here in the south. Last week we experienced a triple punch of winter weather. Each day we experienced the risk of losing electric and in this part of the country, electricity means heat & water. Most homes in the south don’t have gas heat. Knocking on wood, we survived without a glitch, but I sure was worrying there for awhile. But, you know I had a back-up plan of art projects to keep me busy if we did loose power.

Before the storms, I wrapped up a super secret art challenge. Cross your fingers for me that my piece gets accepted.

fenceThis week the weather is 40 degrees warmer. The temps were in the 70’s today…what a difference a week makes. This week I also accepted another artist challenge. This one I will share the progress with you, so stay tuned. I have 2 months to get ‘er done. Another week passes and what seemed like a big deal in one week is just old news in the next.

So while we start the transition from winter to spring, I leave you with the last glimpse of  winter (hopefully) from my back yard. These photos inspire me and maybe someday they will become art quilts. What do you think? Can you see them in fiber?