Peace and Love

Iris NirvanaI’m proud to say that this weekend my quilt, Iris Nirvana, was delivered to its new owner. I always have mixed feelings about letting a quilt go. A part of me is thinking I should keep it, but another part of me is saying that’s why you make them to let them venture into the universe without you.

Some quilts are easy to let go. They were created as a process and don’t have much connection to me. Then there are others, like Iris Nirvana, that have a history. When I think of this quilt, I think about my amazement and happiness when I saw the iris bloom in my yard the first time.  I think about my class with Frank Pierce where I learned how to draw with Prismacolor pencils. I also think about PAQA-South’s member exhibit ARTQUILTSfreezeframe held last fall.  I helped produce that show and was very invested in it. I learned a lot during those months of preparation and production. Iris Nirvana hung in AQfreezeframe.

But here’s the thing, by releasing this quilt to its new owner, I gained a lot too. The quilt was purchased by a friend I had in high school. We re-connected years ago during a high school reunion. It means a tremendous amount to know who owns this quilt now. Its like letting your child leave on his/her first day of school. You know you have to let them go, but you also know that they will be well cared for and deserve this journey they are about to take. You become stronger by letting them fly.

There was another wonderful thing about this experience with me classmate; I was able to hand deliver the quilt. We met over dinner last weekend and chatted up a storm. She’s a wonderfully caring person. I know my quilt is in great hands. Enjoy the quilt, my friend. I hope it carries peace and love into your home.


Iris Nirvana:
As I look deep into your eyes, I see the beauty. Every detail is reflected like a mirror into the soul, echoing the peace-filled Nirvana and the end to all suffering.