What’s on the Agenda

daisyIt looks like spring. The sun stays up pretty late these days. The daffodils and many of the trees have blooms, but its still cold outside. It just doesn’t feel like spring,…yet. But of course living in the south I must be careful about what I say. In a matter of weeks, I’ll be miserable because its so blasted hot. I am definitely a cool weather person. I hate wearing short pants and sleeveless tops. When I can wear a good sweater, a pair of blue jeans and not feel like I’m burning up, then I’m happy.

Although it may still be chilly, at least the the sun is staying out later. Longer days make me feel more productive. I’ve been taking advantage of that. There are several deadlines on my plate for April. I’m working on my piece for Eye Candy’s 3rd annual Double Takes exhibit which will open early May. Other commitments have restricted the time I have to work on this piece, so it won’t be as big or elaborate as last year’s “Fireline.” It will be big enough though, I’m guessing the finished piece will be somewhere around 18″ x 40″. I find I like to work on tall, banner-like pieces.

Unlike previous years where I tried to re-create the photo in textiles, this year I’m doing my own take on the finished piece. There’s one “thing” in the photo that will be in my finished quilt, but the rest of the piece will not match the photo at all. Its making me happy. I’ve added an edited photo of my paper template for the piece. In it you’ll see a pencil to give you an idea of the size. So far, on paper anyway, I’m happy where I’m going on this quilt. Still lots to do on it in the next couple weeks, I’ll do my best to keep you posted as the magic happens.

Silly NanetteThis week I finished a piece that also has an April deadline. It was challenge to create a silly self-portrait. If you remember, I tried to do this in January and really wasn’t happy with how “old” I looked. This time around I am quite pleased. It looks more like me and includes the fabric by Micheal Miller in the outer border that carries my name, “Nanette.” As part of the inner border, I included the  selvage of my name-sake fabric so my name was in the quilt.

I finished the other sides of the inner border with a dog print ribbon. I love my  pets. People in the neighborhood know me as the lady who walks the black and brown dog. To be an accurate interpretation of me, something dog-related had to be in this quilt.

On my head in the portrait, I added a little crown charm with the word “create” embedded into the metal. Create is what I do, so I thought the charm fitting. And another charm, in the upper right corner, with the little heart and wings is a reminder of all the people living and dead who helped me get to this place in my life. I have a huge team of angels who watch over me. I’m very fortunate in that respect.

And so you can see that I’ve been busy these last couple weeks, thanks to the inspiration from the sun brightened evenings of spring. I hope to keep the motivation going, there’s a lot of exciting things going on in the next couple weeks. I can’t wait to show you what’s on the agenda.