Walk The Other Way

daisyAs is normal here in the south, last week I was wearing sweaters and jackets and this week its time for shorts and T’s. The weather sure changed in the last couple days. And the extended daylight continues to inspire my creativity. Good bye winter funk!

I continue to work on my piece for Eye Candy’s Double Takes exhibit (image left). The deadline is inching closer. I’m confident I’ll be OK with it. I have a solid idea and doing something I’m use to doing. And, so far I’m happy with how it is progressing. It screams spring!

Yesterday, my friend Christine Hager-Braun reminded me via her blog that we are officially in the the 2nd quarter of this year (Where has the time gone?). She posed several questions related to taking the time right now to evaluate your progress on new year resolutions.

Its always a good thing to think about where you are and where you are going. You don’t have to be on any particular mission in life to find value in evaluating your personal progress. Frequently we all get stuck on the treadmill. We tend to frantically live from one minute to the next without thinking about where we are going. I guess creative types tend to think about this more. Maybe because we always have another project or artistic vision in our brains. So many ideas, so little time. We have to stop once in awhile and think about whether we’re staying on track.

In the same light, the class I took with Dottie Moore in January, continues to haunt my thinking (read more about it here). Dottie had the ability to ask questions which made you look deep into your soul. They also were great fodder to get people talking…or completely clamming some people up. The one I remember her asking me “What’s holding you back?”

Lately, when I feel stuck on that treadmill, I remember Dottie and ask myself “What IS holding me back?” I often have a thousand excuses, but what I remind myself is there shouldn’t be anything holding me back. Sometimes I just need to step off that treadmill and walk the other way.

So…What’s holding you back?