Are You Living a Life That Fits?

Daisy QuiltThe deadline for the 2014 Double Takes show at Eye Candy Gallery is quickly approaching. I’m getting there. For the most part the piece is done, the design is finished. I still have to quilt the background fabric and then bind it, but that won’t take long. The problem is I can’t show you. Well not all of it anyway. Just a sneak peak, I’ll post a photo of the finished quilt in early May when the exhibit opens. But for now, the photo in this post is all I’ll let you see.

Isn’t that the breaks sometimes? You want to stand up and shout out about what’s going on in your life, but realize its best to be quiet about it.

There are a lot of reasons why we keep quiet about things. Sometimes we fear scrutiny and other times we just want the news to be a big surprise.

I’ve always been a person who holds my cards close to my chest. As an introvert that’s what we tend to do. I like that more people are talking about introverts. There are several good books out on the topic (e.g., Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain).

Although I love attending social events, I need my quiet time. I’ve always known I was a “thinker.” I need alone time to process my thoughts and recharge. Until recently, I didn’t realize these were traits of an introvert. We’re thinkers. Some of the wealthiest people in America are introverts (e.g., Bill Gates and Warren Buffet). I’m in good company because there are also some famous and wildly creative people who are introverts; Steven Spielberg, J.K. Rowling, Sir Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Frederic Chopin were all considered introverts.

It also explains why I like what I do. I like being creative because it provides me an opportunity to think through some complex processes. It challenges my brain and gives me something productive to work on…alone. Being an artist fits my brain.

So what are you, an introvert or extrovert? Did you ever think about it? Are you living a life that fits who you are?