For the Passion

Roughly 2 years ago I participated in a meeting for an art quilt show with PAQA-South (Professional Art Quilters Alliance – South). Each year PAQA-South puts on 2 exhibits; an International Juried Exhibit in the Spring and a member exhibit in the fall. Having only joined the group a year earlier, this meeting in 2012 was the start of a great learning opportunity for me.

“Frolicking” by Margarita Korioth, “Crooked Tree Hill ” by Terri Stegmiller, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” by Jennifer June, “Up the Down Staircase” by Emily Mae Stevens

During that meeting, we were working on the ARTQUILTSwater exhibit and my friend Ann introduced a theme for the 2014 International Juried Exhibit. At the time, it seemed like a long way away and in some respects it was.

Following our ARTQUILTSwater exhibit (which opened January 2013), I took the lead for PAQA-South’s member show last fall, ARTQUILTSfreezeframe. Even before AQfreezeframe was open, several of us started to work on Ann’s idea for our next International juried exhibit, ARTQUILTSwhimsy! to open in spring 2014.

ARTQUILTSwhimsy!Being a juried show, there’s no guarantee that anyone would get in. That’s true, even for someone like me who put in over a year and countless hours preparing for this exhibit.  Sitting in during the jury process, it felt a bit odd to watch as the pieces I entered were removed from the jurors final selection. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed, but I knew that PAQA-South had hired the jurors to select quilts for an awesome exhibit.

Yesterday, I spent the day hanging ARTQUILTSwhimsy! The years of planning had finally produced an art quilt exhibit. When we were finished hanging, I walked around taking pictures and admiring what I had been involved with for so long. The exhibit looks beautiful and again PAQA-South has an awesome show.

The question remains if we hired different jurors what would this exhibit look like? It truly wouldn’t be the same, but it still would be equally as good. In reality, it is not what the jurors selected that matters. Truly what matters is the talent amongst the people who enter art quilt exhibits. As I’ve noted in my blog before, its all about the passion we have as artists. Our emotions show through the fabric layers and stitching. When you walk into an exhibit like this, you can feel that energy and that’s why I continue to do what I do, for the passion.


If you’re in the area please visit ARTQUILTSwhimsy!, you’ll see what I mean.

PAQA-South’s 11th International Juried Exhibit

April 23 – June 22, 2014

Page-Walker Arts and History Center
119 Ambassador Loop, Cary, NC 27513

Artist Reception: April 25, 2014 6 to 8pm