Its Own Way

Koi fish detailI had “one of those days” today. I had a full day of appointments and it didn’t quite go as well as I planned. My day started at 5am when the dogs woke me. There was a ruckus outside that they thought for sure we needed to be involved in. (If you own dogs, you know what I’m saying.) As the morning progressed, it became clear that it was important for me to be involved….(they knew best this time). However, the extra drama and the early wakup caused my already full schedule to feel more filled than anticipated.

Today I wanted to finish a new art quilt that I’ve been working on. I just couldn’t get to it. The day is gone and I’m tired. I have tomorrow, the deadline is 2 weeks away. I have the time. It will happen. Don’t feel defeated…just go with the program. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Most of the time I can schedule things as I need to. I’m extremely fortunate in that respect. I don’t have to punch a clock and normally I don’t have to leave my home to go to work. I’m not complaining, we all experience days like this. It just has me wondering how do you plan for things when life decides to happen its own way?


  1. Mary Stori says:

    Oh I hear ya loud and clear……Sooty (our black lab) threw up yesterday after our walk…..she does that sometimes. We had to leave for an appointment in Asheville. By the time we returned 3+ hours later…..she’d thrown up 9 more times…ALL on the carpet!! An emergency trip to the vet and $150+ later… reason for this event….and she seems fine today. BUT…I’m still cleaning the stained carpet…..

    Glad I too don’t have to punch a clock.

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