Sometimes You Just Have to Play.

Hand-painted silk scarves I am never looking for something to do. Most of the time my to-do list is quite extensive. My biggest challenge is to figure out which of the many things on my list have the highest priority for any given day (or minute). Like most people, my ranking system fluctuates every day depending on what needs my attention.

I’m very fortunate to be able to do what I love. The downfall of doing what you love is having to rank the to-do list as business or personal. You’ve heard the saying “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” It refers to the phenomena where professionals in a given field tend not to apply their skills for their own use. For this reason, I have many things on my personal list of to-do’s that may never be completed. Its a constant conundrum.

Then there are days…like Monday. It was Memorial Day and I had no “real” plans. I started the day thinking I could do some computer work, maybe some class prep, or even clean house. But then I thought, it’s a holiday. Even though I work for myself, I should be allowed to take a holiday off. Everything on my business list could wait. I should enjoy the beautiful day and do something outside.

Hand-painted silk scarvesAnd that’s when it occurred to me to paint silk scarves. I’ve done this before, but I wanted to try a different approach this time. I really didn’t have a plan, just the desire to play. This wasn’t business…it wasn’t personal…it was just play.

Play is a good thing. You can learn alot from it. If my ideas totally flopped it wouldn’t matter because I was only playing. My initial financial investment was minimal, so I wasn’t too worried about wasting money. I could throw it all in the trash if it turned out bad. My expectations were low and that’s a good thing. It felt good to say good-bye to the perfectionist for a few hours. Sometimes you just have to play.

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