Can’t Ignore Them

Seeking BalanceDo you ever listen to your inner dialog? You know, the voices in your head that remind you of the things you need to do and tells you which way to go. For most people, I think that inner voice is pretty quiet. We keep those personal conversation to ourselves.

Sometimes saying the words out loud make them real. Its not that they weren’t real in your head, its more like they’re free floating. I image it like the feather in “Forrest Gump,” always floating around as he told his story. There’s that feather again.

When the inner voice is talking, its easy to ignore it. Its when you say the words out loud and someone is listening…now that’s when its difficult to ignore. They’re real then, because someone else heard them. If you happen to forget the thought, its very likely that the person who heard you remembers. Oh boy, you said it and now you’re accountable.

Its good to have someone you’re accountable to. I have a friend like that. We plan a lunch date and share our issues for the month. Often we say the same thing, there’s not enough time and too many distractions. But in the course of the luncheon, there’s always that moment that we say something out loud that either triggers the other person or triggers ourselves. For me, its frequently the thought that I’m hesitating. Am I really that busy or am I procrastinating again? hmm?

Being held accountable reminds me that I have to check in with myself a little more often. There are times when you need to tell yourself to hold off on some things or get out of other things. Sometimes like a stubborn child I don’t listen to my thoughts. But, speaking the words out loud, I can’t ignore them.